Grow your business, engage your students, or just have some fun!

Introducing The Tech Juggernaut Design Services. Whether you need a new website or a professionally designed digital book, we can help. Plus, because of our trusted partners, we can get your website hosted and your e-book published in almost no time at all.

Web Hosting and Design

We can design beautiful, functional, and affordable websites, just like the one you’re visiting now. Work with us to select a look, color scheme, layout, and more, or just give us the content and let us do the rest. Either way, you’ll be amazed at the possibilities. Want a website that works great on computers, smart phones, and tablets alike? Want graphics that fade in? What about audio, video, live streaming, online forms, shopping carts, photo galleries, events calendars, maps, tables, and more? It’s all possible without spending a fortune. And speaking of fortunes, we can even set up your site to accept credit cards and to offer products as physical shipments and digital downloads.

Advanced Design

We work with a trusted partner who is an expert in design – even advanced programming, such as CSS, PHP, and more. Sound like Greek to you? That’s ok. Let’s just say, if you want your site to be able to do a particular thing, we’ll make it happen.

Perfect for E-Commerce

Many web hosts do not include e-commerce features in their hosting packages. While this might be fine for some people, almost every type of organization can benefit from having such features available, even if you are a school, church, or nonprofit hoping for donations. That’s why every site we design and every hosting package we suggest includes all the features you’ll need to create and maintain a professional online store. Along with our trusted partner company, we can handle all the back-end work, such as SSL certificates, credit card payment gateways, and shopping cart software. We’ll also give you the tools to make it easy for your customers to have the best experience possible. Send out regular newsletters, offer customers the option to create an account, manage gift certificates and gift registries, and much more. Easily send out shipping confirmation emails in just a few clicks. Let your customers download digital products at their convenience with no intervention from you, or ship items directly to your customers if you choose to do so.

Retain Control

It’s fine to have an amazing website, but what about when you need to update pages, create posts, add photos, record and upload podcasts, add or edit shop items, and more? We’ve made that easy as well. We’re always available to do those things for you, but thanks to the simple content management systems like WordPress and Cart7, you can easily log in from any computer and control every aspect of your site and online store.

Superior Web Hosting

Through our trusted partner Precision Web Hosting, you can get a complete hosting package that offers daily back-ups, 24/7 monitoring, site security, live phone and email technical support, optional site maintenance, email boxes with unlimited aliases, and more. Every hosting plan includes the SSL certificate and shopping cart options and a free WordPress installation.

What Does It Cost

Web design packages for new websites start at just $500.00 for complete design. Some sites may result in higher cost, depending on the complexity of the site. Contact Us to learn more.

Basic hosting is just $19.95 a month. View all the Precision Web Hosting packages by clicking This Link.

Professionally Designed E-books

Whether you are a novice or professional author looking to write the next novel, documentary, children’s book, cookbook, photo or poetry book, or educational text book, we’ve got you covered. Digital books (e-books) completely change the landscape of reading by offering features once only dreamed about. Text appears gorgeous and photos look amazing on the screens of iPads, iPhones, Nooks, and more. Let your readers immerse themselves in your content like never before. Not to mention, if you are a teacher or school district, you can completely transform the way students learn by offering professionally designed digital books from The Tech Juggernaut.

Benefits of E-books

With e-books, readers will be able to:

  • Choose font size, orientation, and other options to make reading even easier
  • Highlight passages of text, create multiple bookmarks, and make custom notes right within the book without effecting the book’s content, then return to the notes, bookmarks, or highlights at any time, and remove them when they are no longer wanted
  • Instantly look up word definitions, perform web searches, and share passages with others
  • Search within a book for any word, phrase, or anything else
  • Listen to the book instead of reading it – particularly useful for those who are blind or visually impaired
  • Link immediately from the book to related web content, news articles, or other relevant books (optional)
  • Listen to music or related audio, watch videos, view charts, and more when these elements are included in a book
  • Store thousands of books on one device and access them instantly
  • Receive free updates to any book if such updates are released
  • Download books to multiple devices and sync bookmarks, notes, and more across all your devices

For Educators

In addition to all the benefits stated above, digital books offer some unique advantages over traditional print media for the classroom. They are as follows:

  • One device – many books – no more lugging heavy books from class to class
  • E-books don’t rip and wear out like their hard and soft cover counterparts
  • Gone are the days of being taught that there’s still a Berlin Wall. Out-dated text books are a serious problem in education that’s completely solved by digital e-books that are constantly updated for free.
  • Enhance the learning experience with interactive elements such as videos, audio, tables, charts, graphs, animations, slide shows, photo galleries, widgets, and much more, right within the text.
  • Measure progress with interactive quizzes
  • Create study cards, class notes, and glossaries
  • Let students download copies of the books to their own personal devices for continued learning on-the-go

We Design to Please

Give us the content of your book in an approved format, such as Apple Pages or Microsoft Word, and we’ll do the rest. Give us any other information and media we might need, or let us help you create the perfect media and interactive elements. We can be as involved or as hands-off as you’d like. Teachers, we’ll even help you create content for select subjects if desired. The result will be a stunning e-book that’s second to none.

Distribution Options

After we help you create your new book, we can help you get it in the hands of millions, or just a few. Your e-book design package includes a digital copy of the book which you can share with your friends and co-workers. After that, purchase rights to distribute the number of books that’s right for you. Additionally, through our trusted partner Book Baby, we can get your book out there by making it available in Apple’s iBooks Store, The Nook Store, Amazon’s Kindle Store, and much more. We take no royalties, so you always get the most payment. Set the price and distribution options, and you’re set.

Additional Options

In addition to designing and distributing e-books, we can also help you design and distribute soft and hard cover print books. We can even help you get professionally narrated audio books.

What Does It Cost

There are many options for various types of e-books, and discounts are available for those also purchasing audio or print books. Basic book design packages start at just $299.99 for standard books. For detailed pricing and package descriptions, Just Ask.