Get on the fast track to a connected digital life with Integrated Services from The Tech Juggernaut!

Integrated services are any of a group of device features, software, services, and potentially hardware that make your life easier and more connected. Often times, the specific features and services we implement are part of products you already own, so there’s nothing else to buy. Examples of integrated services for your home include:

  • Using Apple’s iCloud service to its full potential to maximize the benefits for your entire family and to ensure that all your appointments, reminders, contacts, documents, photos, movies, music, and much more are available everywhere you go, on all your devices, automatically
  • Setting up features that allow you to receive all phone calls on all your devices, voicemails as email, and more
  • Using various hardware, software, and services to create the perfect entertainment and theater experience, both at home and on the go
  • Creating advanced home Wi-Fi networks that are both fast and reliable
  • Making your home work for you – such as giving you the ability to control the temperature, adjust the lights, make a cup of coffee, and more, automatically or upon request, even when you’re not home

These are just a few use cases. Whatever you can imagine, it can most likely be done, and if we can do all this for your home, imagine what we can also do for your business.

What Does It Cost

Because Integrated Services are so diverse, and because they may include a vast number of additional products, there is no way for us to offer standard pricing for these services. Some services may be free – included in various other packages, such as our System Set-up Service, while others may incur much higher cost. To learn more, please Schedule a Free Consultation.