Get Up and Running! Leave the Work to Us!

Whether you are an individual or family looking for help setting up a new iPhone and smart TV, or a school district requiring extensive deployment strategies and services for your faculty and students, The Tech Juggernaut is your answer. Our set-up service applies to all tech purchased through us and select other products.

All of the below set-up packages include the following

  • Free initial consultation and diagnostic session ($39-$69 value)
  • Free Purchasing Assistance ($50 Value)
  • Three complimentary training sessions
  • A five year support contract
  • A 30% discount on all Advanced Training Packages
  • Up to 40% off Connected Digital Life Packages
  • Discounts for future support contracts

Set-up Package Pricing

Number of Devices to Set Up Price
Up to Three $80.00
4-10 $99.99
11-30 $139.99
31-100 $199.99
Between 101-200 $299.99
201-300 $399.99
301-500 $599.99

More than 500 systems will warrant a custom quote.

Get Started

Remember, if you pre-pay for system set-up, you will receive free purchasing assistance. To get started right now, Click Here to Schedule a Consult.