Get Up and Running! Leave the Work to Us!

The Tech Juggernaut can help you be more productive and have more fun. When you purchase technology through The Tech Juggernaut, we can set it all up for you. Our professional set-up services include:

  • Any Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Apple TV products and accessories
  • Wi-Fi networks
  • Communications and entertainment services
  • Complete set-up or sign-in for all Apple online services and stores such as iTunes, iCloud, and more
  • Select integrated services for some A/V features and products
  • Deployment of a corporate network, or integration of new Apple products on to an existing network
  • Up to three hours of training included
  • Discounts on additional training and support packages
  • Three years of technical support, maintenance, and software upgrades included
  • Discounts on continuing support and maintenance packages after the three-year period

What Does it Cost

Below are the costs for our set-up packages. As always, if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, just Contact Us:

Number of Total Products Price
Ten or less $80.00
Between 11 and 25 $110.00
Between 26 and 100 $199.99
Between 101 and 350 $249.99
Between 351 and 500 $299.99
Between 501 and 750 $399.99
Between 751 and 1,000 $499.99

More than 1000 systems will warrant a custom quote.

Get Started

Remember, if you pre-pay for system set-up, you will receive free purchasing assistance. To get started right now, Click Here to Schedule a Consult.