Professional Training for All Your Tech

The Tech Juggernaut offers training to individuals, families, school districts, and other businesses on a variety of products and subjects. Training can be done in-person (select locations) or remotely. Just select the Training Package that’s right for you, or we can help you design one. We offer training in the following areas:


  • Apple Mac – Basics: Learn how to use your Mac from the ground up. Use iCloud, surf the web, send and receive email, chat with Messages, organize and share photos, make FaceTime video calls, play music and movies, and get a basic overview of all Apple apps. You’ll even install apps, learn how Mac and iOS work together, and create simple projects
  • Apple Mac – Switcher’s Course: Learn the differences between Mac and Windows, and find out how to do everything you already knew how to do on Windows systems
  • Apple Mac – Integration: Learn how to integrate your Mac into an environment where multiple operating systems are being used. Access Windows networks, share Apple iWork documents with MS Office users, and more.
  • Apple Mac – Advanced: Learn how to support and troubleshoot Mac systems, set up corporate networks and file sharing, perform system recoveries, create and deploy configuration profiles, and more
  • Apple Mac – Creative Pro Courses: Learn how to create and edit professional looking movies, make music arrangements, design high-quality word processing documents, presentations, and other publications, and even create your own books. For each Apple consumer and pro app, we offer a course. Take just the ones you need, or take them all.

Apple iOS

  • Apple iOS – Basics: Learn to use your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Navigate, communicate, work, play, install apps, and more. From iCloud to iTunes, iBooks, to Maps, Passbook to Apple Pay, and much more, we cover it all in this course.
  • Apple iCloud and iOS Integration: Explore Apple TV, Air Play, Air Print, Car Play, and more. Learn the ins and outs of using Apple’s incredible iCloud service with iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and even Windows. Plus, beginning June 2015, use the iPhone and Apple Watch together.
  • iOS in Education: Take a course specifically designed for educators. Explore settings, features, and apps that make iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touch devices the only suitable choice for schools
  • iOS for Business: Explore the numerous unmatched benefits that iOS devices can offer you and your business

Access for All

Apple’s products include numerous accessibility features. For this reason, anyone and everyone can enjoy the benefits offered by Apple products. Of particular note, The Tech Juggernaut has tremendous experience with Apple’s VoiceOver screen reader for blind and visually impaired users. All above training can be offered to both sighted and non sighted users alike. Clients can be taught how to use VoiceOver and how to use Apple’s apps and even some third-party apps without sight. We also teach people how to support non sighted users in our training on VoiceOver From the Sighted Perspective.

Get Started

To get started, view our available Training Packages, or let us help you create customized training to fit your needs.