Important! Before selecting a package, please read our Training Overview Page to find out what types of training we offer. Training is offered in any of the following packages:

  • Standard Training (1-3 areas for 1-4 people): $99.99Select any three basic or introductory training areas such as Mac Basics, iOS Basics, and iCloud and iOS integration. This package includes up to five individual two hour sessions (No Creative or Advanced Courses). Add additional attendees at a rate of $50 per-person (10 people max)
  • Silver Training Package (up to five areas and five people): $149.99: Select up to five areas for training, including 3 basic areas and two creative courses. Includes eight individual two hour sessions (No Advanced Courses). Add additional attendees at a rate of $45.00 (max 10 people)
  • Gold Training Package (max 10 Areas and ten people): $199.99: This is our best value. Select up to 10 different areas for training, including basic and Creative courses, or even choose one advanced course*. Includes 8 two hour sessions and 4 three hour sessions. Add up to six more attendees for just $30 per person (*Total number of areas reduced to seven if taking an advanced course)
  • Platinum training Package ( 12 Areas and 12 people): $299.99: Choose any basic, advanced, or creative areas in up to 20 individual two hour sessions. Add up to eight additional attendees for just $25 per person.

Training Discounts

Customers who use our System Set-up Service will receive free introductory training as well as 5% discounts on the Standard and Silver Training packages, or 10% off the Gold or Platinum packages.

Custom Training

If none of our training packages precisely meets your needs, we are available for custom training at a rate of $20.00 per hour. Some specialized training may receive custom pricing.

Get Started

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