Technology has become an integral part of everything we do.  Yet if we have to worry about which device to use, where we left the project we were working on, or what's going on while we're not home, technology becomes quite frustrating.  The best scenario is one in which all of our devices can be counted on to know what we want and to be one step ahead of us at all times -- allowing us to securely access everything -- everywhere -- wirelessly, automatically, and with minimal configuration.  Our homes should understand how we work and live and be able to adapt to our behavior -- providing real-time notifications and options to meet our needs.  All of this is now possible, and more!

Connected Digital Life (CDL) is a term that describes the integration of a variety of hardware, software, and services, all designed to make your life easier.  At The Tech Juggernaut, we recommend, install, and configure all your Connected Digital Life devices.


remarkably expandable

Start out with just a few CDL products, or even just one.  Add more CDL tech later.  You can always upgrade, expand, and make changes to your tech at any time.

Built  Around You

Our CDL packages are completely customizable.  No more paying expensive prices for things you don't want or need.  Buy and use only the CDL tech you want.


Begin with What You Already Have

Already own an iPad or iPhone? An Apple TV and Apple Watch?  Great, because many of the features we call Connected Digital Life (CDL) features are available, thanks to numerous Apple features and services like iCloud, Apple Pay, iTunes in the Cloud, Continuity, Handoff, and more.  So you might be able to enjoy a Connected Digital Life with no additional cost to you.  We can help you set up and learn how to take advantage of these awesome Apple features and services, so all your documents, projects, contacts, appointments and reminders, photos, music, movies and shows, shopping lists, and other data will be available on all your devices automatically, no matter where you are.  Additionally, you will be able to make quick and secure payments at retail stores or online without having to search for that elusive credit card or cash, answer phone calls on all your devices and transfer calls between devices, and much, much more.

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Build Out Your Life with Apps


Numerous apps, many of them free, are available to enhance the CDL experience.  The Tech Juggernaut can suggest apps that will fit your lifestyle and help you learn how to use them.  We can even keep you up-to-date as new CDL apps become available and as new features are added to the CDL apps you already have.


Take Entertainment to the Next Level

Apple TV

Thanks to our Millennium Entertainment Packages, you can enjoy the Connected Digital Life when you watch TV.  For years, the television experience has felt antiquated.  This all changes now.  Use the Apple TV to enjoy hundreds of live TV channels, including the heavy hitters like ESPN, Disney, Freeform, TBS, Food Network, HGTV, Nick, History, Lifetime, Science Channel, Nat Geo, NFL Network, broadcast networks, and lots more.  Plus, enjoy thousands of On Demand movies and shows.  Find what you want to watch by using your voice , automatically keep track of what you are watching, and watch whatever you want, wherever you want, all while saving hundreds of dollars.  You'll also be able to stream your own personal photo, music, and movie collection, play games on TV, and much more.  Rent or buy movies and shows on one TV and enjoy them on all your other TVs, your iPad, your iPhone and more.  This is entertainment for the 21st century.


Ditch the Landline, or Keep it and Save

We can help you find the best wireless phone provider for your needs, and through one of our preferred home and business phone services, you can keep a landline and save hundreds of dollars per year, while enjoying unmatched features.  Answer home phone calls on your smart phone, create conference calls, receive free 411, and more.

Take Control of Your Network

It has been said that "Wi-Fi is the oxygen of the digital home."  We couldn't agree more.  You need a consistently fast, reliable, and strong internet connection and wireless network.  You also need easy ways to monitor and control this network, even when you are not home.  Thanks to The Tech Juggernaut, all of this is now possible.




We believe that security systems are the next evolution of protection in the digital age.  The Tech Juggernaut assesses, recommends, installs, and supports leading wireless security systems for your home, apartment, or small business. Receive professional 24/7 monitoring, all the sensors you'll need, and vivid color touchscreen panels to control the entire system.  See and hear what doors and windows have been open, be reminded when a door or window has been left open, and even receive real-time weather alerts.  Plus, control and monitor your entire system on-the-go with the award-winning app for your smart phone and tablet.


See Into Your Home and Into Your Life

ipad with security image showing living room.jpg

The Tech Juggernaut offers indoor and outdoor camera systems that feature beautiful HD video, up to 160 degree viewing angles, night vision, two-way audio, and unique features like air quality and temperature monitoring, a 90 DB siren, and more.

photo-home-automation-ipad touchscreen controlling lights.jpg


Lights, door locks, heating and air conditioning, the garage door, the coffee maker, and much more, control and monitor it all, even when you are not home.  Set automations based on time of day, your location or other triggers.  Have your home ready for you when you arrive.  Receive automatic notifications about low humidity, drops or spikes in temperature, and much more.  Home Automation has never been easier.

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Use personal assistants at home and on the go to control your entire home and your entire life.  We will set up the home hubs and digital assistants that fit your life and your budget.



The Tech Juggernaut offers CDL packages that are infinitely customizable and built around you, and our prices will make you smile.  Our packages often cost as much as 85% less than the competition. Contact us to get started.